About Us

Saskatoon’s downtown yoga studio

The purpose-built Pura Vida Yoga Loft offers a quiet, clean and engaging space in downtown Saskatoon for you to elevate your yoga practice or simply to find solace during a busy day. Pura Vida is an independent, locally owned and run studio with dozens of years of collective experience among our teachers.

Our Classes

Pura Vida offers traditional Hot Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin, Ashtanga and Restorative Yoga styles for the beginner and experienced practitioners.

Take advantage of our special introductory offer of unlimited yoga for 30 days for just $60!

Hot Foundation

Suitable for all levels, Hot Foundation Yoga is great for beginners. The room is heated to 40 degrees Celsius, allowing muscles, ligaments and tendons to be warmed and stretched in a specific sequence. Enjoy a safer stretch and feel a good sweat.

Vinyasa Flow

The meaning of Vinyasa is to synchronize your movement to your breath. After a flowing warm up, you’ll hold a number of standing postures for up to five breaths. This is followed by a floor series of flowing movements until a final rest in Savasana.


Yin Yoga was developed as a method for deepening one’s flexibility. Postures are held much longer than in a regular yoga class, allowing the practitioner to get much deeper, stretching the fascia as well as muscles and connective tissues.

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Join our community and enjoy savings by purchasing a membership. First time customer? $50 gets you one month of unlimited yoga classes. Explore our membership options and find one that fits your lifestyle!


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